Seed Fund 1 CR

1 Name of the Startup :
2 Founder/Co Founder :
3 E mail id :
4 Contact number:
5 Address:
6 Are you a registered company in India?:
7 With what industry does your venture most closely align?:
8 What's the problem you are looking to solve?:
9 Describe your solution (what will you make or do)? For whom are you solving this problem?:
10 Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors?:
11 What potential industry partners and/or customers have you met with to validate your idea?:
12 What is your funding model and/or plan to generate revenue?:
13 How much funding have you received till date?:
14 Mention the details of Funding Agency:
15 Revenue earned in the financial year 2019-2020(In Lakhs):
16 How you came to know about the program?: